Winter Gear Upgrades

I’ve been thinking a lot about next tri season lately. And I know, I know, get through my last three races for this year first. Sheesh. But seriously, with my first half Ironman already on the docket, my head is reeling trying to figure out what gear upgrades would make sense. 

I know I need a new wetsuit. My $60 don’t-die-in-freezing-Seneca-Lake-before-it-warms-to-a-tolerable-level Bass Pro wetsuit is all fine and dandy, but it’s not meant for racing. I need a legit tri wetsuit so I can take full advantage of the buoyancy factor. I’m not too concerned here as I can scoop up a last years model mid winter for a decent price. 

What’s truly been on my mind as of late is bikes. My road bike is wonderful and it’s done me good these last few years. I’m not planning on retiring it, ever really, but it is suggested for half and full iron distance races to be on a tri specific bike. 

I’m a pretty solid cyclist and I can only benefit from a bike upgrade. My road bike is an entry level bike, so the components are pretty basic and it’s a tad heavy since it’s all aluminum. And I’m finding that despite my strength on the bike, I top out at about 18mph average and a lot of it just has to do with me maxing the bike out for what it is. 

I’ve been looking around online and I should be able to get an entry level tri bike for around $1500 or less, which would definitely be the top of my price range, sadly. I really think half my desire to get a better job is so I can afford to run tons of races and get nice gear. But alas, for another time I guess. For now, I’ll be doing some online shopping until I can get into a few bike shops. Geneva Bicycle Center sells tons of tri bikes and gear since they’re one of the big contributors to Musselman, so they’ll be my first stop. Then one of these weekend we’re in Syracuse I’ll pop into the two bike shops that seeming sell tri bikes. Though I may still stick my head into the other two as well and ask. Regardless, I won’t buy until I get my tax return in the spring. Partially because I’ll be lucky to squeeze another month worth of riding weather out of this season before the snow comes. No point in breaking the bank when I can’t afford it for a bike that will just sit in my basement for seven months unriden. That’s the other part, that I just can’t afford it yet. I still have some insurance payments to make before the end of the year and our property taxes will show up too, yuck. And I need to save a bit of money for my Junebugs trip to Atlantic City in April and hopefully a trip to Chattanooga to volunteer at IM Chattanooga in September. 

So yeah, new gear, looking into a new bike, trying to squirrel some money away for gear and trips, attempting to volunteer IM Chattanooga, perpetual brokeness. That is my life. And honestly, it’s pretty darn good. 

What winter gear upgrade are you planning for this off season?

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  1. We upgraded our, really, really, basic road bikes to tri bikes this year and it helped a lot. Biking is my weakest leg, but I’m hoping to get stronger over the winter. We really don’t have a lot of upgrades to make this winter, which is good since we’re paying for our Ironman soon!

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