Worked In and Locked Out

I had so much intention to write up those race reports I’m behind on this weekend. I really did. Instead Husband and I finished the basement remodel. It sucked up a good amount of Friday and most of Saturday. And the time we weren’t working in the basement Saturday we were out running errands. I’ve barely even looked at a computer in the last four or five days. For real.

But to give you an idea, here’s our basement before-



Disgusting, dirty, filthy, random hole in the wall that lead to underneath the front stoop, blood red, disturbing looking space under our house. It was gross, you cannot deny that.

And here it is all done.

That door leads into the unfinished half of the basement. There’s still tons of storage room, Rob is going to build himself a workbench, and all our mechanicals are back there. Works out well.



Griswold approves.





We finished off half of the available square footage. So we gained about an extra 200sqft in total. We added a second living space, redid the laundry room, and took out the creepy middle of the room basement toilet that was in fact a shit volcano when our sewage backed up a few years ago and replaced it. So we now have a functioning half bathroom too. Rob and I have lived together for four years and this is the first time we’ve ever had two toilets. Yup.

In running news, I’m still experiencing some pain and soreness in my leg after runs. I’m not anywhere near the mileage I need to be and I missed my long Sunday morning because my parents came over to take us out to brunch and I just didn’t have time to run before hand. No matter what time I get home from school today I will head out for at least four miles. I know it’s not much, but my life is crazy right now and I’m really still injured. I just need to accept that Empire State will be a painful sufferfest of a half marathon and get through it.

Also, can I tell you about yesterday? I went to school to do work, my usual Sunday afternoon, sadly. I got there around 2pm. Around 330 I left my room to use the bathroom and did not have my keys around my neck. Annnnd, locked out. I could see into my room, my keys on my desk. My wallet, my car keys, every possible thing I needed to get work done. All of it, locked inside. And I was the one and only sad sack soul at school on a Sunday working. Text Bing, no answer. Text assistant principal, no answer. Those were my only two ways to try and acquire a key. Conceed and call Husband to leave work and come get me.

My “locked out at school sucks” face. I don’t get reception in the hallway so I sat in the doorway of the building doing my texting and calling for rescues. Had to be careful not to shut myself out of the building too since my fab was locked in my room as well. So smart.

Only a minute or two before Rob showed up Bing calls me. He had called another teacher who had a building master key and lived right in town to come let me in. So hubby and I tried his break in method until Other Teacher showed up and unlocked my room for me. Then, as a show of my love and appreciation for my fantastic husband who left work to come get me and had offered to drive me back in the morning should we fail to break in, we went to Wegmans and I bought him half moon cookies. And we sat in his car and enjoyed them. Because when life is stressfull taking a cookie break is paramount. True story.

My weekend. Basement reno, brunch, locked out at school, no running. Ughughughughgughguhguhguhgug.

Best part of your weekend?

Worst part of your weekend?

How many miles did you swim, bike, or run?

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  1. Despite being locked out, you look to have had a marvelous weekend!

    I did #ChallengeWalkMS in DC/MD/VA this weekend, which is a 50K over 2 days (2/3 on Day 1, then the final 1/3 on Day 2). Before this, the longest I’d ever walked was 14 miles, so it was definitely a challenge, but so worthwhile. I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 12 years, but this was the first time I have done this walk.

    If you don’t feel up to running the Empire State half, walk it. Even with MS and using a rolling walker, my half time is below 4 hours, so you can walk/run it with good results. Just don’t re-injure or worsen yourself!

    The only downside to 31 miles is the effects on my feet. Tender, blistered, and in much need of TLC!

    I’ll be cheering you on, so keep the faith!!!

    1. Oh my goodness, you are seriously incredible! I can’t even image doing a half marathon using a rolling walker. Inspiring and when I feel rough during the race I will definitely think of you. Your determination is just amazing! Thank you for sharing with me =)

    1. Long process for sure! We started back in June. I must admit that Hubby did about 90% of the work himself too, haha. Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Your basement looks really nice. You guys did A LOT of work to it. Great, vibrant colors too to wake it up a bit. At least your weekend wasn’t a waste and you got a lot accomplished. The best part of my weekend was my 16-mile run yesterday, which was very therapeutic for me. The worst part of my weekend was seeing my poor husband struggling and getting cabin fever (already) after his surgery on Thursday. Hopefully in the next few days we will be in less pain and more mobile.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Training Updates, Girl’s Weekend, and SurgeryMy Profile

    1. Thanks! It was a ton of work but totally worth it. Great job on 16 miles! I can only image that, haha. Hoping your hubby a speedy recovery!

  3. First of all, the basement looks awesome! Second, cookies are totally the best way to recover from stress. It’s a fact 🙂 And I’ve felt the same way you have before races before and I did better than I thought, so I think you’ll be okay! Good luck with training this week!
    Kristen recently posted…Beat The Blerch Recap!My Profile

    1. Hopefully I do alright, that’d be awesome! Also, I keep trying to comment on your blog and everytime I do it tries to make me sign into WP but won’t work. I’m so frustrated it won’t let me comment on your blog =(

  4. The basement looks great! What a transformation!
    Sorry about getting locked out of your room and such…but your support crew is amazing…lucky girl! And the half moons…nice touch.

  5. Love the new basement! Looks awesome lady!

    Best part of my weekend: going to VT for a “race-cation.”

    Worst part of my weekend: not finishing the race I signed up for.

    Miles ran this weekend: 17.2+ miles. The race was supposed to be 14.5, but most GPS watches had it clocked between 16.75 and 17.5 miles.
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