Workouts, Baby, and Vet Visits- The Story of a DNS

Let’s see, recap, recap. I once again did not do much. In my defense I had lots of plans to run then got slammed with a temporary low/no impact only restriction for a week.

So I worked out twice. Two sad, little times. The first time was only 15 minutes on the spin bike. It was crazy hot and humid. Husband and I were together in the gym, but he was ready to be done, so we bounced.

My second workout was 30 minutes on the spin bike and 15 minutes of arms lifting. I’m not allowed to do over 30lbs, so for a few exercises on the power tower that cuts me back, but in terms of free weights that is not a huge deal to me and easy enough to stick to.


We did plan on running the BASE Race for our third year in a row, but we just did not get down to Cooperstown. This week has been an emotional roller coaster and given I ended up off school for six days, I got no rest it feels like.

My running ban came from something my doctors saw on my ten week sonogram that they did not like. Our bumped up appointment was with a perinatologist, not our regular OBs. They thought there might be fluid behind Blueberry’s neck and back which is typically an indication of a chromosomal disorder like Downs Syndrome, Turners Syndrome, or a nonviable Trisomy. Just in case I should miscarry, they suggested I don’t run so I don’t blame myself, which they’d seen before. And of course, with Baby’s life on the line, I obliged.

Our appointment with the perintologist started with an hour meeting with the genetic counselor, which while informative, was horrible. All she did was go over all the different things that might be wrong, talked a lot about loss and miscarrying, and basically just scared us.

The second portion of the appointment included a Nuchal Translucency scan. This is a high level sonogram where they measure the fluid behind the baby’s neck. All babies have some and there is a range considered to be normal. After about thirty minutes, both the doctor and the sono tech were just shaking their heads saying they couldn’t find any fluid and everything was measuring well within the normal ranges. Baby was kicking and waving and rolling all over the place which was so incredible to see. It was such an overwhelming day. We went in thinking we might be told our pregnancy was doomed and ultimately got the best possible news. They chalked the “fluid” from the original sonogram up to being a bad angled photo with the edge of the amniotic sac ill placed and allowed us to decide our next move. I was scheduled for a chorionic villus sampling, which is a high risk and invasive procedure, but since we got such good news during the sono, we opted for the noninvasive blood draw option instead. We’re still waiting on our results from that and will be for another week or so, but we’re pretty positive we’re in the clear.

Little Blueberry, looking healthy and waving. That’s a little hand over baby’s face. They counted all five fingers!

That was Wednesday and was horribly emotional. I had taken Thursday off because had I gotten a CVS I’d be on a day or two of bed rest. But since I never got it, I tried to cancel my sick day, but apprently there is a cut off point. Oh well. Cue extra day off.

Friday night, the night before we were going to leave for Cooperstown for our race, Griswold got super sick. He was crying so loudly and constantly it was more like screaming. He was spinning around and snapping at the air, tucking his tail and head. We had no idea what was hurting him. We rubbed him all over trying to find a painful spot, but found nothing. That turned into a very long night of little sleep while Griswold cried most of the night. Rob slept downstairs with him while I tossed and turned in bed. And at 530am, when we should have been on the road to Cooperstown, we were instead heading out to take poor puppy to an emergency vet. Turned out to thankfully only be a bad ear infection. Grizzy gets those sometimes, but usually we know because his ears get red and hot, and he shakes his head and scratches at this ears. He’s never acted this way before and it was terrifying not knowing what was wrong. And we completely missed the race while sitting in an exam room in a Syracuse vets office. But the good news is my dog is going to be okay, assuming he stops fighting us and lets us put the medicine in his ears every day. He hates it.

Sleepy puppy does not feel good. At least he’s comfy.

I don’t know  that I’ll get a real workout in today. We’re dog sitting for my parents, so we have 250lbs of dog crashing around our tiny house all day yesterday and today. But I’m hoping to hit the gym and run a few times this week. Still reaching for that 3-5 workouts a week. Maybe this will be my week. Maybe.

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    1. Yeah, I’m not too upset about missing the race. There’s always more. We should have smooth sailing from this point on, hopefully. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, it was draining. Thank goodness it was right before a long weekend. Thanks!

  1. A similar thing happened to us at our 8 week US! They thought my uterus was in two parts so they sent us to a perinatologist for a level II US at 11weeks, told us I’d likely have to deliver prematurely via C section then did the U.S. and there was nothing wrong at all! I think the early US are a bad idea cuz everything is so small it’s hard for them to tell what’s going on. We opted not to get any genetic testing after that cuz we were sick of tests:)

    1. My OB office is also a fertility clinic, so they give us an ultrasound at pretty much every appointment. It’s nice to see baby so much, but it’s definitely unnecessary. I’m glad your little scare ended up being nothing too. It’s so scary. We still want the definitive results of a genetic test, but I was so happy to not need a CVS. I’m sick of appointments at this point too. I’m planning to cancel my Friday one and telling them I won’t be back in until I’m done with school in four more weeks. It’s just too much.

    1. Relax, yes. And workout, since to me that is relaxing, haha.

  2. So glad you are resting and the doctors were full of good news!! It is so hard when our dogs aren’t feeling well because they can’t communicate what is going on. I’m glad you were able to get Griswold on the mend!!
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    1. Yeah, I get so sad when my puppy is sick. He’s definitely feeling better though.

    1. Thank you! It was very emotional and I’m sure the pregnancy hormones do make it worse. I will give Grizzy a hug from you =)

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