Workouts, House Work, and Actual Work

Monday. Hi.

Back to the grind I suppose. Two weeks of school down, eight more to go until I head out on leave. Must survive. Because third trimester exhaustion is definitely worse than first.

I guess I’ll start with a workout recap since it’ll be short.

I did two miles on the elliptical on Monday since I’m still waiting on new running shoes to show up. This is what I get for ordering based on price and not Prime eligible. Boo to not getting two day shipping. Hopefully they’re here in a couple of days. I’m itching to run. The more I have to take breaks at this point in my pregnancy the less likely my body will be able to start back up.


I went to spinning on Tuesday and that was pretty good. I was happy and got through class just fine. Feels nice to still plug along in there even though I can’t do all the movements and keep my usual intensity.

Wednesday I came home from work and just crashed. Because apparently third trimester is hard. And it was hot again this week, my classroom is completely insufferable. The heat in there is wiping me out, making me tired and cranky, and giving me contractions which is not good.

Thursday I was signed up for spinning but never went. Our kitchen floors finally got installed, so I spent well over three hours in the evening trying to get all our belongings out  of our living room and dining room and do some cleaning. And even after three plus hours I had only made a small dent and managed to exhaust myself in process. My body just cannot keep up anymore. It’s pretty frustrating, but I know it’s just temporary.

My new kitchen! I’ll do some before and afters last this week. But right now I am so excited and loving it!

Friday I took off work and we were in Syracuse all day. We had a doctors appointment in the morning then did some visiting with friends and family.

Saturday and Sunday were just Hubby and I running errands, working on getting our house pulled back together and just relaxing. We don’t have another free weekend after this one until Halloween, so we tried to take advantage of me having Friday off and just spent time together as much as we could. It’s weird, but I did okay last year with us working opposite schedules and not really seeing each other much during the week, but this year I’m struggling a little bit with it. And it’s only been two weeks. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I don’t like being separated so much this year. Not that I liked it last year, but it seemed easier to tolerate. Hopefully we fall back into the swing of things and I stop being so emotional at some point. Probably not on the latter though.

This week I’m hoping to get back into my regular workout swing. Tuesday and Thursday spin, since I’m just not ready to give that up yet. Today I’ll probably hit the gym again if my new running shoes don’t show up. But I am hoping to spend some time plodding along on my treadmill this week too. And I need to work on cleaning my house, which has definitely become a workout for me.

Best and worst workouts this week?

House work, hate it or love the extra steps and moving?

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  1. I HATE housework but am Lucky enough to live in Thailand where I have a housekeeper 5 days a week but when she is gone I have to do it and its such a drag! My best workout this week was yoga, I made a promise to do it once a week and was able to keep this promise to myself 2x this month! Thanks for sharing xo C
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    1. So jealous you have a housekeeper! Great job sticking out yoga. I need to be better about working that in.

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