You Know What?

You know what’s nice? Taking an “easy” week. 

My official training plan for IMCuse starts Monday. It’s a 12 week plan, so it’s pretty jam packed, but I’m ready for it. Honestly, I’d rather have a short but intense training then something long and drawn out, so this works for me. 

That being said, I am in fact taking an “easy” week. Short-ish brick on Monday, slept through my swim yesterday but made it to an hour of spin. Got a 1,000 meter swim in this morning. Just sort of feel like I’m lazing along this week, and that’s okay. 

I’m going to work hard to stick to all the prescribed workouts in the plan I’m using. I did go through it and move things around to fit my schedule. And I shortened the swim workouts a bit because they’re too long for my current fitness level. I cannot get that kind of distance it’s calling for in in the hour time block it says to squeeze it into. I could stay longer, but we’ll see. For the first few weeks I plan to shortened those then reassess where I’m at. 

It’s also is going to force me to run in the evenings after work, which will be a big change for me. And of course I was hoping that starting training in March meant nicer weather, but we’re going to be seeing some sub-zero temperatures this week. That just figures. Bundle up and get em’ done!

But you know what? I’m ready. I had a few injuries in the fall that felt like they really held me back, but I worked hard to rebuild my base and I’m feeling good. My weight is nowhere near where I need it or want it, but that’s okay. I’m feeling strong and capable and I know with the right training I’ll have a very successful season. 

I made my original ambitious goal of finishing IMCuse sub-6 hours. Then I started to waver. I read about the crazy hills on both the run and bike and thought maybe sub-7 was more achievable. But you know what? I’m working hard. I’m going to train hard, and right, and I’m going to own Ironman Syracuse

Do epic shit. You are capable. 

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  1. 12 weeks?!! You are a hardcore rockstar, girl! And soon enough the sun will be out and you can start getting in some serious runs/rides – counting the days till spring! And I totally agree with taking it at your own pace – just saying that you completed a Half Ironman is badass enough! 🙂

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