Zombie Dreams

This post may be short and mostly incoherent. I feel like a zombie. At least that feeling is appropriate this week.

Went to bed late and was up before the sun Saturday. Got basically zero sleep Saturday night. Spent Sunday fighting my eyelids. We dog sat for my parents and I attempted to sleep with 200lbs of dog in the bed with me. Yeah, no. Nope. No sleep. So today should suck. And the rest of the week will most likely hurt too. Especially with Halloween on Friday, the kids should be going crazy by the end of the week. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth fighting or if I should throw a Halloween party on Friday and just watch Hocus Pocus six times.


Count down to Disney- 16 days. Assuming I got the day we fly out correct. I could be totally wrong. I can’t be held responsible for my thinking when I’m this sleepy.

Is anyone else frustrated with the new Garmin Connect? Just me? Multisport workouts now upload as a single activity, which rocks. I hated having five activities for my triathlons. But you can’t edit multisport workouts anymore. Cue serious frustration. I lifted with my watch set to “other” mode the other night. I have “other” set to OWS and normally go in and change it afterwards. Nope. Can’t do that anymore. And I couldn’t add in my spinning distance. Cranky. *grumblegrumble* It sounds like they don’t plan to add back this functionality either, even though there’s a plethora of complaining on the Garmin forums. The new update was geared towards the 920XT. I use the 310XT which doesn’t have as much fanciness to it. Sorry some of us can’t afford a new $500 watch Garmin. How about you don’t penalize those of us not swayed by your fancy new toy by stripping away basic functionality on your site. Do I want a 920XT? OFCOURSEIDODUH. Am I going to let Garmin bully me into it for full price? Hell to the NO. UGH. DUMB. /rant.

Anyways, on the docket for this week is running Monday and Wednesday, spinning Tuesday and Thursday, and some strength thrown in there. Then a long-ish run this weekend if my leg is up for it. And I’ll make a point to NOT do any of my back to back work outs in multisport mode on my watch. Note to self, press and hold “reset” to save and restart my workout so I don’t screw myself over. Yeah, I’m looking at you Garmin, you jerk.

Cross your fingers for me that I can muscle through these next five days. I was struggling to drag myself out of bed the last few work days last week, and starting this week already behind on sleep does not bode well for me.

Best part of your weekend?

Workout  or race your looking forward to this week?

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  1. I live and die by my Garmin but almost never use Garmin connect, I haven’t uploaded to it since at least April. BUT, if it was something I used and wasn’t working, I would go crazy. What is the point of a site for something specially used to track workouts in real time if it doesn’t work?? So annoying. Good luck with your workouts this week!
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