Zoot’ing My Own Horn

So who else despises the new Garmin Express other than me? Ugh, just ugh. I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me crazy. Just bring back Garmin Connect. The new update thanks to the announcement of the new Garmin 920 (anyone who wants to purchase this for me should just go ahead and do so, please and thank you) are going to give me a twitch.


Nope. Not a fan. But thankfully I did find the switch to classic option. Yes please.

My goal for Wednesday’s run was low mileage, “high” speed. After having to take four days off after running six miles on Saturday I was setting out purely to test my injury, but at the same time I need to be pushing my pace, no matter what.

I hate that barely scraping sub-10 minute miles for only two miles was tough for me. My average HR was 176, fine. My max HR was 202! I mean really. Whatthehell body!? But the more I push it the quicker I’ll reclaim my speed.



My first 2 miler under 20 minutes since starting to run again. Probably because I never just run two miles. Not since coming back from this injury. And I need to call my PT back. They called me to schedule me for a beating and I never got back to them. Must remember to call in the morning.

The good news is I didn’t have any pain post run for the most part. I noticed a slight niggling right after so I stretched well then iced later in the evening. Feeling good now, so the soreness from Saturday was hopefully a one time thing.

Did you see what’s on my feet? The Saucony’s went back and my new Zoot Ultra TT 7.0‘s showed up, so of course they went out for the run. They’re a bit different in terms of design than my pink 6.0’s, but they felt like the same incredible shoe on my feet and during my run. Seriously, I love these shoes. I’m sorry Zoot, I’ll never leave you again.


I should probably just send Zoot a little email asking them to throw me a few bucks for how much I swoon over their shoes. Because I do. They’re fabulous. Happy feet make happy runs. Truth.

On the schedule for this weekend is supposed to be an eight mile run. It’s also supposed to rain Saturday, so yeah. And we have the Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k race at the Steelstacks in Bethlehem PA this weekend. Beer stein, two free beers, shirt, and a medal made out of a cookie!? Yes please!

I have a 12 hour day at school today, so don’t expect much from me. Open house, my first. I feel like I should keep a tally of how many parents ask me about sex ed. The joys of teaching health.

Running in the rain – love it or hate it?

Favorite running shoes you’ve owned?

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  1. Running in the rain: love it (now). I used to hate it. I used to be the person who wanted to get sweaty, but didn’t want to get wet or muddy. By how times have changed.

    Favorite shoes: I LOVE my Merrell road dash shoes. I wish Merrell made better trail shoes for mud runs/OCRs. They make good trail shoes, but they don’t have enough lug depth for me to use in my races, le sigh.
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  2. I LOVE running in the rain – but we certainly get enough of it up here so I had better. Hands down fav shoes are my Brooks Glycerine, though I think I’m ready to start looking at other options….so glad to hear that you’re getting back from that injured calf – good luck on your 5k. Beer and cookies? Sounds amazing!
    Rebecca@tri-ingthebestican recently posted…The Gorgeous Relay 2014 – Race RecapMy Profile

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